MedCerts Student Home Page

This page should act as a guide to everything you need to start your MedCerts program. Scroll on for a letter from our CEO, links to your Learning Management System (LMS), FAQs on getting started, and more. Thanks for choosing MedCerts, we're so excited to take this journey with you!

Getting Started

  • Instructors: There are no “teachers”, all instruction comes from the Learning Management System (LMS). But don’t worry, it's not all on you – your Student Success Advisor will be here every step of the way.
  • Schedule: There isn’t a class schedule, you take courses when it fits into your life and can work ahead as much as you’d like. The LMS has reminders in place to keep you aware of upcoming tasks and due dates. We recommend 15 to 20 hours of coursework a week to stay on track with your program completion date.
  • Quizzes: These are preloaded, so it may say one is already due the first time you log in. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re behind. You can take quizzes as many times as you need, a score of 80+ is required before moving on.
  • Program End Date: to help meet your certification goals, MedCerts encourages you to finish all courses by your Program End Date. You will still have access to your LMS after this date and can continue work on your program, or revisit course lessons and re-watch videos as you prepare for your National Certification Exam.
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Top Tips

Technical Basics

  • Orientation: When you log in, you’ll have to start the tour and video before you can click the X. If it doesn’t register that you watched it, or comes up again later, it's most likely because you cleared your cache/cookies which erased the record of you watching it.
  • Browser: Make sure to use the CHROME browser. Other browsers may seem to work, but they’re not as responsive, can cause issues & create big headaches in the long run.
  • Password: If it won’t let you in, just do a password reset. Lockouts happen sometimes, but that's the quickest and easiest way to fix the problem. Issues with password reset: check your spam folder! Also, make sure you type in the password, do not copy and paste. Copying can grab extra hidden characters, which makes the password wrong.
  • Student Support Help Center: You can access our 24/7 self-serve Help Center. Here you will find an array of trending topics, articles and answers to various (How Do I?) questions.
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